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Custom Programs

Custom Anti- Aging protocolAnti-aging

Cosmetic Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation/ Face lift Acupuncture, vitamin B12 injection, antioxidant therapy, custom diet support

Pre and Post Natal Care

 Prenatal vitamins, prenatal exercise plan, labour preparation acupuncture, breastfeeding education & support, labour support, post-partum mental health assessment. Also See Birth Doula section

Fertility Care

This package includes a custom diet, vitamin and nutrient regime as well as acupuncture treatments to support the body on its journey to Pregnancy. This package also works well in conjunction with conventional treatment and fertility treatments.

Pain Management

This package includes a detailed assessment of the cause of your pain. I will provide acupuncture which increases circulation and reduces hypertonic (tense) muscles if it is muscular in nature.  Acupuncture has been shown in research to cause the release of opiods in the body (pain-numbing compounds).  If the pain is inflammatory in nature we will address it through diet and supplementation etc.


This package includes a 3-4 week food detoxification/Hypoallergenic diet, followed by a food re-introduction phase to determine any food sensitivities. Colon hydrotherapy, botanicals, and supplements are also used to help the body detoxify. This package can help improve fatigue, insomnia, pain, headaches, & digestive issues and overall health and wellness.

Weight Loss

This package includes a thorough intake, diet history, specific labs and physical examination will be completed to determine the cause of your inability to lose weight.  I will then provide nutritional counselling and education as well as an effective meal plan and exercise plan.  Basic counselling on the emotional features of weight gain and loss is also provided. My goal is to help you achieve your goals in a healthy long term way.

Mood Lifting and Balancing

Depression and anxiety are among the top reasons for doctor visits today. We will assess labs, diet, history and possible nutritional deficiencies or toxin exposure to address the root cause of mood instability for you. This package is designed to help you feel better. 

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