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on Wednesday, 20 November 2013.

My experience during our 28 day challenge (We're done this Friday; Celebration time!!!)

First of all, the 28 days flew by way faster than I expected! I feel great! This challenge has really pushed me to examine my day to day routine, and forced me to make realistic improvements that have significantly enhanced my energy, mood, skin, and overall health.


The water was a cake walk; I love water & herbal tea so there was no big changes needed there.


The sugar was sneaky…I began reading labels again, even routine items I get from the grocery store (Tiki Masala stir fry sauce was an unfortunate culprit). I’ve never been one to have a snickers bar but I did use ketchup, eeek and other dressings and sauces that I now avoid. Being able to put the odd tsp of honey in my tea, or maple syrup on my gluten free pancakes made this doable. Making one of my famous chocolate superfood smoothies after dinner also became a delicious sweet treat :)


he exercise was surprisingly my most challenging. I found I had to create a schedule that I could follow to make this easier. So Monday mornings yoga, Thursday afternoons Spin class, and 30min walks the rest of the days. On these cold dark days I did not feel like going out for a walk but I always felt better after I got some blood pumping; I even found ideas and solutions to problems would come to me while I was exercising which was very cool.

I also found that going for walks with my partner Evan is an amazing tool that increases our connection and communication; we are definitely going to stick with this new healthy habit.K riding - Copy

My relationship advice to anyone: Walk with your partner!

Another bonus of doing this challenge in November has been getting ready for ski/snowboard season. A day out on the slopes is always more fun (and more safe) if your fitness level is primed :)

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