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I'm addicted to what?

on Tuesday, 01 April 2014.

keep calmBeginning today, for the month of April, I am giving up my addiction! The first step is admitting what your addicted to;

           Do you get a headache if you skip that morning latte?

           Do you need that afternoon sugar fix to get you through your afternoon energy slump?

           Or how about that magical piece of technology glued to your hand…yes I’m talking about your IPhone.

It took me a couple of weeks to admit to myself that I SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ON MY IPHONE. My excuse is pretty legit; I manage multiple social media sights, so it’s necessary work… right?

Guess what’s not necessary; checking Instagram 8 times a day or mindlessly scrolling through the Facebook news feed. These wonderful distractors can be major time wasters!

The 20min I spent girl crushing on surfer Lakey Peterson could have been spent going for a run or meditating to slow my mind down. My phone has sped my mind up; it has effectively shortened my attention span. Yikes, I need to get this under control!

For the month of April the team at Stonetree is avoiding the things in life we have become dependent on. I encourage you to take on this challenge too! Whether it’s; caffeine, sugar, complaining, alcohol, or your IPhone, I know you will learn something from the experience :)

Good luck!


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