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5 Ways to Feel Great this Cold/Flu Season

on Wednesday, 10 October 2012.

5 Ways to Feel Great this Cold/Flu Season

Does the change of season have you feeling robbed of energy, like you might catch a cold at the drop of a hat?

Follow these easy steps to feel healthy and energized this fall season!

1. Sleep Restoration: Your immune system needs time to re-charge. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; you probably need more sleep then you’re getting. The days are getting shorter and we all need our own version of hibernation at times. Hours before midnight are super restorative; your best bet for sleep restoration is from 10pm-7am. Keep your room cool and dark.

2. Sneeze etiquette: Please for the sake of all bystanders use proper sneeze and cough etiquette. Meaning, cough into your elbow; you don’t open doors or shake hands with your elbow do you? Exactly.

3. Vitamin Revitalization: Vitamins such as D3 and C are essential. Are you getting them in the right doses? These nutrients help support immune function on various levels.

4. Mineral Support: Zinc has been shown to increase the number of WBC’s your body produces and this strengthens immunity and keep us feeling great. Ask your Naturopath about other important minerals and what dose is right for you.

5. Wash your Hands: Studies show that regular hand washing, even with non-anti-bacterial soap, is a vital step in reducing the spread of germs and keeping illness at bay. Use warm water and remember to get the backs of your hands and in between your fingers.

If you would like details on nutrient dosing, a custom immune program, immune shots, or help for your little one book an appointment to see me at my clinic!

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